The Artist
Theresa Theiler Morton

Theresa Theiler MortonLandscapes, portraits and still lifes categorize her subject matter, but it's her strokes of whimsy and wonder that truly capture the essence of Theresa's work. Whether painting a sleepy rural Michigan countryside or a regal chicken with an attitude, Theresa employs color, mood and context to create a unique style that transforms ordinary subjects into singular works of art.

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Theresa has lived most of her life in the Midwest. Her love of painting developed at an early age and continued uninterrupted through formal training at Miami University (Ohio) and the Toledo Museum of Art. She took an involuntary 12-year "sabbatical" at the request (read, demand) of her four children, whom she today credits, along with her husband, for rekindling her creative fires.

studio location
charleston, south carolina

summer location
leland, michigan